What my “real work” looks like

For a couple weeks I was immersed in a pretty big project with a super tight turn around. I wasn’t happy with the whole process, nor the end product but since I work for a client driven field, the client was appeased. Until the next installment…

I snapped a few photos of the final print. This is a 24 page brochure catalog thing. Not glamourous but a big deal with heavy farm industrial equipment.


My day job provides me a paycheck doing something I love to do even if sometimes in a lackluster way. Design for me is very functional, not just a way to arrange things in a pretty way. Design calls for a solution that’s attractive and purposeful. As an artist, sometimes it is hard for me to move past the practical exterior of my job and do something that’s just fun and not so utilitarian. This is why crafting is so important to me!

Here are some fun things I designed this week not so industrial focused: 


Just love some wild things for my baby boy and a customer requested a hot pink sparkle. Love this! Still designed but oh so fun! I think more signs are in order.

On a side note…could I ask a small favor dear readers? Did you know I make soap?  We are having a page booster event to reach 1000 likes this week and having a big spring giveaway. Could you show us some love? Www.facebook.com/sidedoorsoaps and invite just three friends? We’re sending everyone who sends us their address a 1 oz sample size of random soap. Pictured here is the newest batches of Lavender Patch and Very Lavender. You are most kind!

My next post I will share the process of liquid soaping! Fun fun!! Til next time, stay crafty!

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