Never did I ever think that I would be such a girl over glitter! I have no shame! Glitter me!! 

I made this canvas sign after looking through some local Facebook garage posts of people wanting signs. Wow. People go gaga over signs! I think to myself I can handpaint lots of signs and then I shut the thought down almost instantly.

Now, I can paint. It’s hard to though when there’s an active little helper in the house. I have small windows of opportunity to get a craft in and be done unless he is sleeping, yet even then I feel rushed. Plus the clean up is a lot when there’s a need to move quickly to follow little feet.

In any case, this is heat transfer glitter vinyl and I pressed it onto canvas after I painted the canvas with a satin acrylic. So easy! I posted to my Facebook page and got an order for a hot pink sign. Yay! I can’t wait to make more glitter signs!

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