What my “real work” looks like

For a couple weeks I was immersed in a pretty big project with a super tight turn around. I wasn’t happy with the whole process, nor the end product but since I work for a client driven field, the client was appeased. Until the next installment…

I snapped a few photos of the final print. This is a 24 page brochure catalog thing. Not glamourous but a big deal with heavy farm industrial equipment.


My day job provides me a paycheck doing something I love to do even if sometimes in a lackluster way. Design for me is very functional, not just a way to arrange things in a pretty way. Design calls for a solution that’s attractive and purposeful. As an artist, sometimes it is hard for me to move past the practical exterior of my job and do something that’s just fun and not so utilitarian. This is why crafting is so important to me!

Here are some fun things I designed this week not so industrial focused: 


Just love some wild things for my baby boy and a customer requested a hot pink sparkle. Love this! Still designed but oh so fun! I think more signs are in order.

On a side note…could I ask a small favor dear readers? Did you know I make soap?  We are having a page booster event to reach 1000 likes this week and having a big spring giveaway. Could you show us some love? Www.facebook.com/sidedoorsoaps and invite just three friends? We’re sending everyone who sends us their address a 1 oz sample size of random soap. Pictured here is the newest batches of Lavender Patch and Very Lavender. You are most kind!

My next post I will share the process of liquid soaping! Fun fun!! Til next time, stay crafty!



Never did I ever think that I would be such a girl over glitter! I have no shame! Glitter me!! 

I made this canvas sign after looking through some local Facebook garage posts of people wanting signs. Wow. People go gaga over signs! I think to myself I can handpaint lots of signs and then I shut the thought down almost instantly.

Now, I can paint. It’s hard to though when there’s an active little helper in the house. I have small windows of opportunity to get a craft in and be done unless he is sleeping, yet even then I feel rushed. Plus the clean up is a lot when there’s a need to move quickly to follow little feet.

In any case, this is heat transfer glitter vinyl and I pressed it onto canvas after I painted the canvas with a satin acrylic. So easy! I posted to my Facebook page and got an order for a hot pink sign. Yay! I can’t wait to make more glitter signs!

Pretty pretty flowers

i didn’t make these hats. My friend got them as a gift from her one baby shower and asked me to embellish them with these flowers. I can’t remember where the pattern came from, I’ll have to find my notes. I tried to do a variation of them to see if I liked a smaller petal set. I don’t. My friend loves the difference because although she has identical twins now, she doesn’t want them matchy matchy. I agree. I can’t wait to see them on their tiny heads! I have other projects for these girls! Just trying to catch up from my previous hellish week of working over time. I hope to catch my bearing this week.    

The highlight of my week was this stash of glitter!!! 


I have soooo many shirts to make with this! 

Craftastic Friday: Cuddly Bear

This bear was finished this week after nearly three weeks in the making. I normally don’t take so long with projects but I had some hold ups from getting my yarn on! I also managed to cast off a single leg warmer. I need to make the other one!

this should’ve been a two at a time project!! Next time I will attempt it hehe. I also finished up a cute onesie. No pic. I must have deleted it 😦 

Last Sunday, i cohosted a bay shower and made some fun things, including the favor: lotion bars!

some matching signs and the invite

matching cupcake toppers. And the elephant above was made by the other hostess. isn’t it so adorable! Speaking of the baby shower, my friend had her twins early this morning and they are just precious!!! A couple weeks early but good size at 4 lbs and some oz. I’m making some other things for them so it’s a mad dash before the newborn pics!

Today was a day chock full of birthdays. I know of 10 birthday people, all celebrating. I looked back through the calendar and 9 months ago is the start of nice weather in June. Hmm, summer lovin’ lol 

Well, tomorrow will be a fun filled day of birthday partying so I need to get to bed soon. Have a craft weekend, friends!

Craftastic Friday: My Project Round Up

I forgot to take pictures this week!!! I’m so bummed. My oldest son had an awesome project this week in school that I helped construct. He had to develop a board game. We didn’t play it but I drew up his game in a page layout program and printed it very large and mounted to some cardboard. I also made up some Monopoly Euro money. That was fun. The not fun part was cutting each sheet of bills out. The game was a hit! His teacher emailed me to say that it was a lot of fun even if he didn’t have all his components (he was missing the entire rulebook and instructions he had previously written because he decided to throw it away and start all over). I hope he is proud of his project. I am!

In other news, we’re still really busy at work. I’m still really busy at my side projects and just got an order for some bridesmaids shirts. There will be two for this lady. Two different brides. So much fun! I love projects like these. Plus, I need to get crackin’ on making money to offset the income I may lose for switching jobs. It’s not a go yet. Maybe one day. I just love what I do!  I’ll post more about my thoughts about cover letters and resumes later. I’m still gathering my thoughts.

This is going to be a fun weekend for the boys. We are going to a dog show and our little guy just loves dogs. We are currently watching “Beverly Hills Chiuahaha???” for the zillionth time. There’s a category for junior handlers but he is too young yet.

Fast Forward….It’s a week later. And I didn’t post last week. Shame on me. We’re all busy people; I often wonder how we get the time to really update our blogs lol. In any case, I’ve been updating my website and taking orders! Check out my Freebie section, which I tried to put up here but I didn’t succeed. It works over there: www.maitridesigns.weebly.com. I didn’t buy the domain because some other company named the same thing as my company has it and they are not in the U.S. I will need to get a differentiator. (<—– that’s a word??)  But really, check out my stuff. Get some free files. Some  you have seen and some you haven’t. Mostly you have though.

Here’s some stuff I’ve done this week:

A pretty collage for a birthday project I’m working on.


Mad Libs for a baby shower
libsDesigned myself a unicorn shirt


A few baby onesies


A few company decals


and business card squeegeees! My fave project this week. Other than some baby shower stuff I can’t show yet.