Craftastic Friday!!! The end of a crafty week!

I love Friday. I’ve had a very productive week!

First off, some t-shirts! Some silllly, silly shirts! Loved doing them though. That’s Banana Joe, from the show “The Regular Show” My teen loves it. I don’t get it. This shirt is for a girl’s dad who tells this joke daily. She thought it would be a fun gift. And this second shirt is a tribute for a 40th birthday 80s themed party. That character? Supertelegattalone. I think I spelled that right. Super TV Cat? It’s Italian. I find this amusing. Makes me think of the cat in the one Paula Abdul music video “Opposites Attract”.

IMG_2907 80Shirt

Whilst working on the banana shirt, I ran into some printer issues and had to investigate the wells. This is what happened:

IMG_2908 IMG_2909

Serious malfunctions with the ink wells. The yellow bleed everywhere. So glad I have a CISS. I bet I lost as much ink as a regular OEM cartridge.  I still didn’t get that yellow right.  But I suppose that will be okay…It’s decent, just not perfect.

Other things I’ve worked on include a secret invitation. It’s super cute! I can’t wait to share it. I already had to reprint it because of another goof I made with the scheduling. More on that later. Here is the seal I made for the envelopes. My toddler loved the punch and wanted to help make stickers with me. I just gave him his own piece of paper and then he was satisfied. He is a good little helper. I only had one sheet of sticker paper so I couldn’t mess these up!IMG_2904

I have some knitting going on. I’m working a 3x frogged chevron blanket. I was just not getting it. I think I have it now! Finally. I also have 8 hats to make for a girl. Five of them are baby hats and they are so adorable. Can’t wait to show them off when I start working on them.

Also, in preparation for going part time, I’ve been making invoice order sheets for freelance work. I have a hard time keeping track of orders and information; I often have little slips of paper and post-it notes littered through my bags so I designed a quick printable. Here’s a pdf form you can use yourself and make a pocket size book. Print on 8.5″x11″ letter size, double sided, cut in half and then staple and fold. A cute little book! Sized 4.25″x5.5″. I made a full size sheet as well but it has my logo information on it. I hope someone finds it useful 🙂


All in all, a productive week. I have been contemplating a challenge for cleaning my home by White House Black Shutters, 40 bags in 40 days. I love her little “I’m ready for some decrapifying”. I’m so ready. I’ve been completely overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we have and can no longer keep up. Last night, while in my craft room, my husband peeks in and exclaims, “This is way to overwhelming.” He couldn’t even walk in because (shamefully) I’ve only a tiny path to my desk and chair. I’ve become a hoarder. I’m in need of some serious rehab. So, I printed out the planning list and I’ve started making some progress. I’ll definitely be getting rid of some supplies that I know A) I won’t use and B) that I have too much of (I know, how could that be possible! It’s true though.) And guess who’s gonna benefit?? YOU, my craftastic friends! I’m going to decrapify my crafting crap. LOL That’s so hard to say.

In any case, I hope you’ve been enjoying whatever weather you are getting. I’m certainly not. I’m ready for the sun to come out and warm my cold, cold face. Until next time, craft on, my crafty friends!

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