Cutie cozy Baby Sweater

I was asked to make a few baby sweaters for a woman’s upcoming grandbabies. We’re gonna swap for some stuff. I just love the barter system.

I’ve never made a baby sweater. Or even thought to attempt any kind of sweater garment. Seems like a really long time. However, nothing seems too long as the monster butt and sock monkey pants that I completed over the summer. I do have one more pair to finish that I can bring myself to. I will get around to it. As for other long projects, I also have a chevron baby blanket that I’m making. That’s not going as planned, but more on that later.

Tadas! An almost all in one piece baby sweater. I just adore this color!! It’s Vanna’s Choice yarn but I don’t remember the colorway. I do know I ran out with a quarter of the sweater to finish. Shame on me for not going with my first instinct of buying two balls. oh well, i do that a lot lol.


I used this super easy pattern that Creative Jewish Mom used and just love the results. It really isn’t “one-piece” as described in the thought I assumed as continuous however the only real seaming is the sleeves and body. I did some adjustments in materials and tools. I didn’t use super bulky yarn and I went with an H hook. I also used the 12 months sizing and my sweater is actually 0-3 mos.  I should remember to write down the measurement for future reference. I had to look up sizing to make sure I didn’t go overboard in how big it got. Then I thought, it still looks kinda big.

I am just tickled pink over it!! I did have some boo boos. I missed a stitch in the one sleeve and instead of ripping back, I went in and put one in. and then the one sleeve was one stitch too short so I had to add a row around the wrist. I think the neck is a bit over to the one side a bit….This was a good test run. I did use a crochet button instead of a real button because it kinda bothers me to have buttons on baby clothes. I don’t want them to choke.

All in all, adorables! This was a quick work up in a few hours. I think I may attempt to knit one so I get a bit more drape. This is a bit on the thick side, so definitely warm for a baby. The small size does lend to a quick knit if done in stockinette in a single piece. I’ll have to look some stuff up for that as well.

Until next time, craft on!

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