Down the Crafter Hole

Don’t you just love how googling one idea begets another link to another idea and then two hours later you’re on a pinning spree completely off tangent from the initial search.

That’s how my crafting has been. From one idea to something the complete opposite and I feel somewhat disjointed but accomplished. I feel like I need to hone in on something but that never stays still. I guess then I wouldn’t be craftmanic. As crazy as things have been, I find solace in my crafting, as most of us crafty people do. I’m in such a funk, all I want to do is knit and crochet.

I have been designing and building several websites for work and freelance. The whole process is kicking my butt and if I never see html again, I would be happy. Well maybe just for the weekend. I think to myself that I never aspired to be a web designer, yet my job functions have evolved. Good in a way, yet not. With learning new things there are growing pains and tonight was a great example. I didn’t know how to do something and it cost me 12 hours at work today. I’m so glad that it’s the weekend tomorrow.

I did design some fun bridesmaid shirts with some popular sayings.


These two are my favorite at the moment. And here are a couple engagement shirts


Now I all am designed out but have so much yet to do…

I think I’m gonna knit instead. Craft on friends!

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