Craftastic Friday: No Slouch in the Knitting Department

A few weeks ago one of my coworkers asked if I could knit this hat:IMG_2595
I have no idea where she got it. It looks like someone ripped the picture from a magazine and then she scanned it in an sent it to me. Seems simple enough. A chunky, slouchy beanie. Yup, got that down after my holiday knitting of several done.

Ribbing? Check. Big needles? Check. Chunky yarn? Check. And away I knit.

I made myself a gauge swatch, only second one I’ve ever done, with Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick Wool-ease. After measuring and counting stitches, I started on a set of size 6 circulars for the first 8 rows of a 1×2 ribbed band, then switched to size 15 circulars for 8 inches…when I start to decrease, I realize the hat is very stiff and not very slouchy. So, I put it on and the whole hat stood straight up on my head! I thought, maybe I can block it to be stretchy and then quickly rescinded the thought. I will just frog back the last hour of knitting. Good thing these knit up fast. Chunky yarn and big needles seem to be my newest obsession.

Now after knitting the last couple days intermittently, I have this:

IMG_2594I did some readjusting to account for my non-existent slouching with some intermittent increases. There seems to be some roominess growing. Yes?

IMG_2596I’m thinking there might be another frogging though…Not too please with the ribbing. All the picking up and putting down is doing awful things with my tension!! I may get it done this weekend after another attempt.

In other news…yesterday was my birthday!! Yay! I’m 35 now 🙂 Seems a bit surreal in the grand scheme of my life. I don’t feel like I’m more mature or anything. I sheepishly asked my husband last night if I looked old. I’m vain! I admit it!! lol In any case, I got some awesome unicorn stuff! My mom gave me a beautiful purple unicorn cameo that I’ve yet to take a picture of.

IMG_2587And I forgot for Christmas:

IMG_2588I sure do love me some unicorns. And with that, I think I’m going to make myself this from Rosalie’s Crafts Creations:


But not for awhile. I have some baby elephant stuff do make for my dear friend, Brittany (who gave me the Magical Unicorn Cup) and have to double my efforts because she is having TWINS!!! So stoked! I can’t wait to post my make list! I’ve been pinning away on my Pinterest board for awhile now and I’ll need to pare down to the most essential and lovely stuff. She is due in March. Very close! I need to get knitting!

Til next week friends, Craft On!!

(oh, p.s. did you check out SnapTots? It’s the page I made for my toddler for all the funny pics he takes from his 3ft point of view)

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