Craftastic Friday – Jogless seams

Another post has been brewing in my head for the things I have made this week but I’ll save for next week. let’s just say, I’ve been a stitch machine!

This morning I was finishing up a popular yellow buddy hat for a coworker’s girlfriend and a thought popped in my head while making the eyes…I wanted my eyes to be seamless.

I wish I could remember where I read recently (if you know, let me know!) about Jogless color changes. I am a bit perfectionist when it comes to finishing and am constantly looking up ways to neaten my crafts. My mother cross-stitches and is fastidious about her finishing and ends being stitched in. Her back of the work is always as lovely as the front.

So today’s crafty crochet tip is super easy! I used to have this:

IMG_1314.JPG and today I did this:


See how the one has the stitches showing between the row of colors?

One looks bigger than the other but they are exactly the same size. The grey just takes up some of that edging.



What I did was slip stitch in the front and then single crocheted through the slip stitch to create this seamless look.


Then to finish off, I slip stitch through the back and then weave in my end. My ends are usually crocheted in at the start so I don’t have so many to finish up at the end.

My momma taught me well!! My nice and neat back!
And now for the finished hat:



He was quite pleased! And that’s one more order done! I have just 2 more hats and a fox hooded cowl to finish up then must get on with my holiday gifts. My ambitiousness might get the best of me. I’m going to try to knit socks for my love!

Next week we go on vacation!!!!!! Tucson here we come for two weeks! I’ll be posting some awesome trip pics of all the places we will go!

Until then: craft on!



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