Craftastic Fridays!!

I’m trying to figure out how to post on a regular!! And since I’m finally ready for the week by Friday, why not a fun and fantastic Friday post! I present: Craftastic Fridays!!! My endeavor is to present something exciting and fun!

I think the range will be a fun project or tutorial, something out of the ordinary (cuz I am).

Maybe a few practical things…Vids and pics.

This week at work we had an update on our holiday display and we’ve done Charlie Brown-esque characters the last few years. I didn’t illustrate my own character but I do decorate myself. This year’s theme is Ugly Sweater! IMG_1264 IMG_1267

See my in my purple winter wonderland display. She is gorgeous. Shidazzling. That’s what my unicorn is farting out: SHIDDAZZLE!!

What, praytell, is Shiddazzling? It is the beautifying of something that is horrible into an attempt to bedazzle the onlooker with BS.

Fyi: I did not illustrate my unicorn either. That was a gift from one of my work besties, Jackie. She’s amazing. I have a serious love of unicorns. More on that later.

So this Craftastic Friday is Shiddazzle! Until next week!!

Stay Crafty, my friends.

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