Snarky gift tags and other fun thoughts

And so, December is upon us and I’m about to go into full craft mode in every spare second. I’ve even contemplated knitting during red lights because I have so much to do in the next couple weeks…We leave for vacation across the country on the 16th and I haven’t any gifting done yet!!! The knitting I am doing right now is commissioned and with all the emotional upheaval, there was a break and then after the break, some frogging because i realize that I needed to fix gauge and some other issues.

There were a slew of craft shows and one more for this weekend for the soap making. This past weekend was a really good show, so I’m hoping that this last one is just as good. I like to start the year out with fresh soap as well as having less inventory means more money in the bank and less inventory to consider for tax time. We shall see. I did have some lovely soap this year…Yuletide Greetings, Euca Lyke This, Earth Mama, Lumberjack…And one more brain child soap, H.O.P.E. soap which is a feature soap that we will donate some sale proceeds to different charities and other things. First donations will be to the American Lung Cancer Association for tribute of my bff, Russ and my grandfather who both died of lung cancer. More on that later…

To get into the holiday cheer, I made some gift tags with a twist. I’m a huge handmaker gift giver kind of gal with a snarky streak and my friends and family know such things. Also to promote other handmades to show that love, time, thought, care and dedication go into making a gift for a person, I’ve thrown in some attitude. Free to you, share the cheer! Please don’t sell my file though 😀 You can just click Save As… to your computer. It’s a high resolution jpeg file. Enjoy!

Okay, break is over and out! Craft on!

gift tags

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