Crafty Jackpot!!

So I’m home for the holidays and my parents told me that I had a stash to go through and man OH man!!! What a stash!!!

Found a mass amount of crochet hooks and knitting needles and other yarny finds!


A swift and ball winder! YES!! That’s my first ball of yarn rolled up with the help of my niece and son. We had a grand time!
There’s a mess of yarn in a 25 gallon bag that I have decided we aren’t going to go through. There are boxes and boxes of fabric and tons of crochet thread as well as the lace loom things! I can’t wait to try making lace!!

I did manage to get the hats done my nieces and nephews wanted and I’ll post a pic of them wearing them together. I love the variety! Here I am wearing Pikachu.


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/7cf/52678959/files/2014/12/img_2279.jpg off to do some shopping! Will post more later!

Craft on!!


The last two weeks have been a mad dash of serious project management. I have been inundated with orders and getting things done around the house to prep for family vacation. My mother has been prepping for our vacation for the last six months. My husband is lucky I planned out laundry being done in order to pack. I even told him to stop pestering me about it because i knew he would pack last minute regardless of when the laundry was finished. Case in point, Monday morning all laundry was folded and waiting…last night he says he is tired and falls asleep on the couch and then gets us SO early to pack this morning. We leave tonight at 6 p.m. My only concern is not packing enough projects for our trip, can i knit socks in our 5 hour flight, can I take my dpns and what am I really making for my nieces and nephews!! I have 9 days til the big day.

Did I mention I was up last night til 3 a.m. finishing orders? And whilst packing said orders, I turned my back and my collection of 30 ish knitting needles and crochet hooks came crashing down from my tall book case onto my lap top and all over my craft room floor. Know what that sounds like? LOUD. However, no one stirred. Good for them.

During my epic multicraftasking month of December, I did miss a project I didn’t get to. I just plain forgot. I don’t even know where my project list got to, but I was making a set of sibling teddy bears for a friend’s granddaughter and her new born sister. I’m bummed! I had the perfect yarn and looked forward to it! I did get all the soap made for the holidays, cranked out a ton of shirts and other fun things. Not everything was done that I wanted to do personally. Saddens me, really because I just had so much going on and to be honest, was very overwhelmed with what I put on my plate. I need to stop doing that; I just can’t help myself.

My list of completed projects since December 1st:
2 slouchy hats
10 t-shirts
3 hoodies
lots of holiday digital printables
1 set of marketing/clothing tags
1 pair of knitted sock monkey pants
1 matching crocheted sock monkey hat
5 batches of soap
2 lbs of sugar scrubs
2 wall decals
4 soap sack/washcloths
3 craft shows
1 painting
1 minion hat
1 fox hooded cowl
1 funny coffee mug

and the list isn’t finished! I need to make a mickey mouse hat, a pair of socks for my love and a couple fun things for 3 nieces and 2 nephews. I think my sister wants some boot cuffs for her and her MIL and I need to make a pair of fingerless gloves for my mother in law. My aunt wants a hooded cowl as well. Good thing I have the next two weeks with no work and lots of car time to knit away!

We’re driving to the hotel tonight in Philly because our flight leaves so early in the morning and we are seriously not morning people so getting up early to drive the 3.5 hours there is just not an option. Thankfully, the hotel will shuttle us over and we just have to wait until our flight. I’m a bit concerned over lil D for the flight because we have 5 hour non stop trip on the plane. He gets a bit restless. Now my oldest will be immersed in his electronics, no worries there but fog head lol.

Can’t wait to get this trip started. I’ll have updates most def along the way. We’re going to be doing some fun, fun activities!!

Craft on!

Craftastic Friday – Jogless seams

Another post has been brewing in my head for the things I have made this week but I’ll save for next week. let’s just say, I’ve been a stitch machine!

This morning I was finishing up a popular yellow buddy hat for a coworker’s girlfriend and a thought popped in my head while making the eyes…I wanted my eyes to be seamless.

I wish I could remember where I read recently (if you know, let me know!) about Jogless color changes. I am a bit perfectionist when it comes to finishing and am constantly looking up ways to neaten my crafts. My mother cross-stitches and is fastidious about her finishing and ends being stitched in. Her back of the work is always as lovely as the front.

So today’s crafty crochet tip is super easy! I used to have this:

IMG_1314.JPG and today I did this:


See how the one has the stitches showing between the row of colors?

One looks bigger than the other but they are exactly the same size. The grey just takes up some of that edging.



What I did was slip stitch in the front and then single crocheted through the slip stitch to create this seamless look.


Then to finish off, I slip stitch through the back and then weave in my end. My ends are usually crocheted in at the start so I don’t have so many to finish up at the end.

My momma taught me well!! My nice and neat back!
And now for the finished hat:



He was quite pleased! And that’s one more order done! I have just 2 more hats and a fox hooded cowl to finish up then must get on with my holiday gifts. My ambitiousness might get the best of me. I’m going to try to knit socks for my love!

Next week we go on vacation!!!!!! Tucson here we come for two weeks! I’ll be posting some awesome trip pics of all the places we will go!

Until then: craft on!


Craftastic Fridays!!

I’m trying to figure out how to post on a regular!! And since I’m finally ready for the week by Friday, why not a fun and fantastic Friday post! I present: Craftastic Fridays!!! My endeavor is to present something exciting and fun!

I think the range will be a fun project or tutorial, something out of the ordinary (cuz I am).

Maybe a few practical things…Vids and pics.

This week at work we had an update on our holiday display and we’ve done Charlie Brown-esque characters the last few years. I didn’t illustrate my own character but I do decorate myself. This year’s theme is Ugly Sweater! IMG_1264 IMG_1267

See my in my purple winter wonderland display. She is gorgeous. Shidazzling. That’s what my unicorn is farting out: SHIDDAZZLE!!

What, praytell, is Shiddazzling? It is the beautifying of something that is horrible into an attempt to bedazzle the onlooker with BS.

Fyi: I did not illustrate my unicorn either. That was a gift from one of my work besties, Jackie. She’s amazing. I have a serious love of unicorns. More on that later.

So this Craftastic Friday is Shiddazzle! Until next week!!

Stay Crafty, my friends.

Snarky gift tags and other fun thoughts

And so, December is upon us and I’m about to go into full craft mode in every spare second. I’ve even contemplated knitting during red lights because I have so much to do in the next couple weeks…We leave for vacation across the country on the 16th and I haven’t any gifting done yet!!! The knitting I am doing right now is commissioned and with all the emotional upheaval, there was a break and then after the break, some frogging because i realize that I needed to fix gauge and some other issues.

There were a slew of craft shows and one more for this weekend for the soap making. This past weekend was a really good show, so I’m hoping that this last one is just as good. I like to start the year out with fresh soap as well as having less inventory means more money in the bank and less inventory to consider for tax time. We shall see. I did have some lovely soap this year…Yuletide Greetings, Euca Lyke This, Earth Mama, Lumberjack…And one more brain child soap, H.O.P.E. soap which is a feature soap that we will donate some sale proceeds to different charities and other things. First donations will be to the American Lung Cancer Association for tribute of my bff, Russ and my grandfather who both died of lung cancer. More on that later…

To get into the holiday cheer, I made some gift tags with a twist. I’m a huge handmaker gift giver kind of gal with a snarky streak and my friends and family know such things. Also to promote other handmades to show that love, time, thought, care and dedication go into making a gift for a person, I’ve thrown in some attitude. Free to you, share the cheer! Please don’t sell my file though 😀 You can just click Save As… to your computer. It’s a high resolution jpeg file. Enjoy!

Okay, break is over and out! Craft on!

gift tags