Washy washy!

On my needles and off! Love me some wash cloths! Quick and to the point with just enough fun in stitching!





I’m busting these babies out for my craft show this weekend for soap gifting and stocking stuffers


I haven’t felt like writing much lately. One of my best friends passed away last week after the last 5 months battling cancer. He was more than a friend; he was family. We took care of everything for him the last few months being his POAs. He had no children and didn’t want his family involved in any of his affairs. It’s been quite an emotional time and after planning his funeral and burying him, I’m quite wiped out.

There are still WIPs I have going on, soap I’ve been trying to keep up on making, and keeping busy as always. We’re on a slow down, getting our lives back in balance. I didn’t talk much about it because the whole situation has been surreal.


I made his remembrance cards. He was the funniest, most generous person.

Russ_prayerCard Russ_prayerCard2