Wips and Chains…

IMG_0247Another week of knitting on these bad boy pants. I can feel them slipping off the needles soon. They are adorable and now that there is more to them, I can feel how dense the fabric is and after taking more measurements, should be fine for the little intended. I’m not so sure he is going to get the other pair of sock monkey ones. Those might just be crocheted for working faster. I did notice through looking, that a few stitches are twisted (not sure how THAT happened) and I should have decreased faster through the leg. But who knows, he might be a little chubbier through there. I’m going to try them on my toddler and check out the sizing to be sure.

Other things that I FO this past week, the less than 24 hour hat. A friend of mine asked if I had any ready made hats; I do. Just not what she was looking for so I said, Sure! I can get you a hat by tomorrow. For a flower girl in a wedding.  Cream with a turquoise flower….At that moment, I was glad to have a crazy stash. I had no time to go get yarn so I dug through. Cream is one of those relative colors…Know what I mean? It could start with a pale yellow to beige. My cream in my coffee is close to taupe colored. That’s what I went with. And turquoise? teal? blue!! The range of color there is amazing. I ended up picking a small ball of yarn from a recent stash my mother in law got me. I love her. She is awesome. It’s just what I needed. More yarn! Like another hole in my head…Oh the spoils of facebook.

IMG_0249 IMG_0135 IMG_0134 IMG_0133

This pattern is a modified of the Divine pattern. I love this look. I have been waiting to make something special with it. The flower is just a little thing I puffed stitched together. Now that’s a WIP that didn’t really hurt. I like projects that work up fast. At 3 a.m. I did fall asleep briefly and hat to rip a few stitches back…Other than a bit of some tensioning that was irregular, I didn’t block (and normally don’t) this hat fit the little girl fabulously!

One more project that is almost finished is a hat for another little girl who is going as a beanie baby. I spent more time getting the eyes to be identical and the beak to brim out than I did with the whole hat!  I can’t wait to see it on her cute little head!! After looking at this picture, I see that the beak needs some reworking on the one side. Good thing she doesn’t need it til next week!



That wraps up my week in fiber. I’ve been working on some design work for some ladies. One is a soap label and I can’t wait to see what it all looks like when she rolls out her product line. And one of my friends is a consultant for 31. I blame her for all my love of totes. She’s getting some print stuff done. I’ll post more on that next week!


Have a crafty weekend!



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