The Quick Knitting of the Neverending Longies

Grumpy Bum Longies

Have you seen these ridiculously cute pants?? I have 5 of them to knit! What I thought was going to be a quick knit turned about to be much longer due to some unfortunate incidents at home. My poor baby son has been very ill. It is quite hard to get in knitting with a sick little one constantly saying “Hold me, Mommy”.

According to fellow Ravelers, this is deemed a “quick knit” in three days. Um, I think that that is taking forever. I am an instant gratification knitter/crocheter. Every few rows, I think, that’s 300 more stitches. So far, in my estimation, there are nearly 5,000 stitches. That’s a lot of stockinette. While the process is quite methodically for many rounds, the timeframe is now over a week with a single pair still on the needles. I can’t live like this! Not to mention, I cast on a bit too big and I feel that the beginning is loose. I’ve had to constantly check my tension and gauge, measure and remeasure. Thankfully someone provided their finished measurements so I have something to reference. All in all, after these garments are finished, I don’t think I will be knitting another pair of these any time soon.

I’ve finished off another lovely pattern recently by The Velvet Acorn that was requested: Woodlyn Wolf. Now that was a super fast project of a couple hours. I didn’t think I would like chunky knits but wow, goes quick! No wonder why the yarn is called Thick & Quick! It is super soft! And the end was just great. Here is my oldest modeling it. IMG_7563

Speaking of my oldest, he is 15 today! WOAHZA! I don’t even feel old enough and then, some days, I just feel way too old. I suppose children can do that to a person. I’m not too keen on being a parent due to not liking when I was a child and now having to be the enforcer of rules and structure. It’s not an easy thing to do. I feel like I have fallen into being like my parents. Alas, how can I break the cycle! I feel as if that I’m not myself when having to be the disciplinarian. There’s a fine balance I’m constantly teetering. I guess I haven’t been doing a terrible job. My children love me and want to always be around. In any case, another year down and 3 more to go…high school will go fast.

The last couple weeks have been jam packed with busy-ness. And now with the holidays coming up, more action is sure to come. I’ve had to really think about my maker list for gifts and seeings how there is only 11 weeks left, I need to get crackin’!

Craft on, friends!

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