I’m back….!

This last week has been so very trying. I was very much floored by the amount of frustration and utter dependence on my cell phone and Internet. I wish it weren’t so. I won’t lament any longer about that. my hubby fixed it and bought me the new iPhone! Sqeeeeee!!! I haven’t had a new cell in about 5 years.

Anyway! This week I have made some headway on the flower curtains. Only 38 more to go. I mapped out that I needed 50 flowers. Seems never ending. I did complete a hooded cowl based on the pattern by the Velvet Acorn. It was an easy crochet. I loved the thick yarn and quick work up. I will be making more.

My new business is taking off nicely and I am loving it! I hope it just keeps going but only time will tell. I am still rebuilding my design website and it is taking for-evah. speaking of websites, WP is unblocked at work! yay! But that only is because I’m building out something for work. I so love working and figuring things out. I feel quite accomplished!

So, now I will be going through all my missed blog reading. Hope everyone has a fab weekend!! I shall be busy!!

4 thoughts on “I’m back….!

  1. Kepanie says:

    Is your new biz for the soaps or the pleasure toys? You are so patient to wait five years for a new phone. Smart phones are addictive and we are so dependent upon them.

    • craftmanicmommy says:

      The new biz is for the toys. Actually, the soap biz just celebrated 4 years of being open! I did wait a long time however, I suppose the first few years I jinxed myself because I broke or lost several phones that had to be replaced. I babied my first iPhone even though it was secondhand. I’m not too proud lol. Are you back now?

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