Is bigger better?

I got a new system at work today. A brand new 27″ iMac. After some oohing and ahhing, I realize some points we neglected when our department researched our new computers. Dual screens doesn’t work as seemless with off size monitors.

Fonts. How we designers love fonts. And we have over a thousand. It’s a bit ridiculous. What is also ridiculous? Installing and validating them on the new systems before any real work actually can be done. Because who uses the default system fonts on custom advertising.

Updates. Oh there are hundreds of those and even though IT took care of most of them, some things just needed to be done. iTunes, Dashboard apps, and installing settings to the new system also takes up more of “productivity” time. Always fun.

And personal preferences. The bane of my workflow and yet so vital to my work sanity. Who knew that the reading pane on emails could have so many options. Why can’t I find my documents, Spotlight! And why are my Pdfs being opened in Preview?! and let’s not speak of my work space in the creative suite.

I lobbied for my tower to stay with me yet was let down and now I have a cold, empty space under my desk, marked by the faint carpet indent outlines reminiscent of body chalk at a crime scene. I shall miss the whir of the disk drive while backing up files. The shelf I used for my random notebooks and snacks. And most of all, accessible USB ports.

We had a good five year run, MacPro. I shall miss you. I’m hoping maybe they will let us adopt and take you home. I will love you, forever.

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