Slowly slipping…

This personal craft and blog site ban at work has put an embargo on my blogging and by the time we get home, I am trying to get the kids aroundfor bed, lavish attention on my “neglected” husband, and try to relax or work on my new business. I feel that my crafty mojo is slipping.

Oh no!

I have many WIPs going and the hat season is about to start. I have some strong hints on my facebook about bearded beanies, animal hoodies, booties… Right now, I am working on some flower curtains from a friend’s request. I forget who the original maker was but here is what I have so far on my 130″ panels.

<img src="

img_7597.jpg” alt=”IMG_7597.JPG” class=”alignnone size-full” />

I think 50 or so more flowers and maybe a couple butterflies for a 130″ panel. There are a couole other things I have on my to do list…a garland curtain of pom poms and butterflies and some baby items for a friend who is expecting. Super excited for what I curated for her! It’s a secret for now since she hasn’t officially announced it. I’ll post some sneaky peeks though!

I’m gathering my bearings this weekend after my little guy’s third birthday and the piles of school paperwork to fill out. Hopefully this holiday weekend will be good to get some soaping in as well, along with some new products since the holidays are upon us and gift buying is in full swing.

Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Slowly slipping…

    • craftmanicmommy says:

      Did I respond to this? idk! But the curtain is so very interesting and wuite time consuming as well. I love it though! and yes, they have blocked us from the majority of “personal” interest sites by way of firewall and some kind of word associated blocker! Frustrating!

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