Gap of Ages

Today we went shopping for my oldest heading into high school and also tomorrow is my toddler’s third birthday. A look forward in time is that when my oldest is due to graduate, my young one will be just starting school. whoa!

I hadn’t intended for there to be such a range of age between my children. I got pregnant at 18 with the “love of my {teen} life”. Certainly not planned, even with precautionary measures. My mother warned me about it, as most mothers, I suspect, do. I wouldn’t change it for the world. My oldest, Diego (what he wants us to call him, not his given name) is more amusing and witty than most adults. No bias here. We really get all kinds of unsolicited comments about how fabulously loved he is. I just happen to agree with them.

After getting married at 27 to the real love of my life (and by real, I mean that I really knew what love should be and is), we decided to be prudent and finish school, start careers, buy a house…you get the drift. Put our ducks in a row. Have a child. I was hoping by the time we were 30 but that came and went with pressing questions of who what why where and when baby this and that. There’s a lot of pressure on a newly wedded couple!

Yet, my lil D was planned in all aspects! I quit smoking because my hubs said I had to and I didn’t want to but I wanted a baby so much! I exercised and ate right and vitamin-ed myself up. anything that said prepare for baby, I did. Until the day we were going theough the car wash and my oldest was going on and freaking out with the dog, I said I didn’t want more kids and the hubs said it was too late for that. And true that, I was with child.

Three years ago, I went into birthing my baby the actual day he was was due. According to my dr. that happens in about 5% of births. Lil D was born at 3:11 a.m. after just a bit over 15 hours. Record after the 33 with Diego, whew! I couldn’t be more than happy! Amazing how time just flies. My boys have just grown so fast, I feel like I want to slow-mo life and savor every minute. Do you feel that way, too?

So tomorrow we are celebratinf a birthday and heading off to High school Freshman orientation. What a world apart! New adventures abound!

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