Oops…I think I’m in Love…

I did something I didn’t think I would ever do. I became an in-home party consultant.

(moanin’ & groanin’)

It wasn’t long ago that I held a small disdain for such business opportunities. Not for me and I always felt a bit of obligation to have them for my friends who had such businesses. I like to be supportive AND I usually like to buy the products. Jewelry, yes. Cookware, ooo more yes. Most recently, Thirty-One… TOTES Awesome! (hehheee)

I LOVE Thirty-One. I’m such a bag lady. I have a purse collection that rivals my shoe collection. And I’m not even a fashionista kind of girl. I cannnnnot get over the amount of baggage I have carried over the years. There are bags and purses for everything in my life. I stash tiny little things to carrying around full-on WIPs. No lie, my purses and bags are like their own kind of Russian nesting dolls each fitting inside the other perfectly coordinated and/or matching set. I have a smidge of a problem…

But this isn’t about Thirty-One. A monkey can’t sell bananas.

This is amount a much momentous occasion that I had at a friend’s house where I was lamenting over how I was tired of going to work. I’m not tired of working although I do often fantasize about retiring before I’m 40, (okay maybe, 50 is more realistic!) I just absolutely YEARN for something that I don’t dread going to. Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE what I do. Love, love, love….I always wanted to be an artist/designer. I just don’t want to continue to have to get up so early and then spend 45 minutes driving to my job and be away from my baby all day long, only to get to see him for an hour or so before he goes to sleep and then I schlep away at my freelancing for a life that is crammed to the brim of life that I’m trying to enjoy.

THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY! And there is. Back to my lament. With all that is going on with my life, I had some re-evaluation to do. I thought I was going to start a store. I looked for retail space and that was kinda a no go. I thought I was going to really beef up my etsy shop and I have, but my hubs wanted me to do something that was a bit more substantial. He wants me to get a better job. At least something part-time before I decide to stop working full-time. However, I’m not digging the idea of getting another job, even a better job.

So I finally let go of the notion that I’m going to “get” a better job. I’m not really after that. In any case, I went on a bit of tangent and after this particular party, my friend thought that I would be a very good demonstrator for parties. So, I thought about it for a month til I had my own party. And that was the clincher. I love to learn things and talk to people about learning things. I love to have fun and hang out with my friends. And I like doing these things on my own schedule. 

So. You wanna know that I joined a fabulous company that Empower, Educates and Entertains? I joined something that is classy and sassy and I will totally rock? Just to warn you, I’m not AT ALL shy! I loved the whole idea of someone coming to my house and talking to me and my friends about things most people find taboo or at least are too shy to talk about with others. I loved the whole intimate part of educating people about their bodies and personal business. So I decided to make it my personal business!

Join me as I begin my journey as a Pure Romance consultant.

This will be probably the only time I really talk about this here. I’m going to keep this blog about all my craftmania. I just had to share. My goal with this new venture is that I get to have more free time doing what I really want to do after spending time with my family: crafting. 😀 And who doesn’t want more of that!!

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