Summer Lovin’

I love summer! I love the activities, the smells, the liveliness…We do so much that it is often hard for us to keep up. I like to cram in all kinds of things to do. This past weekend was not an exception.

We went camping at Hickory Run State Park. It is a lovely place. Home of Boulder Field. Sand Springs Lake. Mountain Laurel. Waterfalls. Just beautiful. My little Derek loves camping. He thinks that it means there’s always a beach. And just for him, we made sure there was. 

I also got in some yarny time and completed 2 sets of baby flip flops and a pair of baby booties. IMG_7351 10580196_10203832290915007_4878365559520303195_n

I love that my friend sent me a picture of the baby’s feet wearing them! TOOOO cute! I don’t get many pics of the intendeds. So this was so nice.

I’m trying to keep up good positive thoughts. Lately, I’ve been reading horrible newscasts and posts of terrible, terrible things happening. I think I’m just going to have to unsubscribe to things. This week we are also cutting cable. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with the calamity in the world and not that I want to put my head in the sand, the less violent and abrasiveness in my life and spirit, the better. I will, of course, still be connected to the internet. And Crack-I mean-Facebook…



Mayday! Mayday! Craftmanic Overload!

I’m seriously getting a smidge overwhelmed. I’ve got a lot going on and yet, I’m trying to slow down. Now, there’s an oxymoron. (more emphasis on moron!)

I started out this week oversleeping an hour Monday morning. My lil D’ just did not want to sleep! He argued with me til 1 a.m. about going to bed. Finally, I made him lay down with me.

My Tuesday was pretty awesome. I got a freakin’ awesome haircut. I went from this:


to THIS:



It’s my summer hair. I LOVE it!

I have tons of Etsy orders and custom orders rolling in, all the while trying to find a retail store and actually do some real work at my day job. Currently, building a website and websites are tedious…at the same time, participating in other work projects. AND while on my breaks, cramming it some yarntastic time. I will be able to get some today cuz my oldest has a doctor appointment and that is an epic wait time for a 15 minute time slot. Ridiculous…In any case, there isn’t a moment my hands are idle unless I’m sleeping. Tonight we are packing up for a weekend away at one of my most favorite events ever with some of my favorite people. No work shall ensue but lots of yarny time during the drive!

Anyway, every weekend this month is booked with family things to do. And with family things to do during the day means that there are long nights in the craftmanic room. I fell asleep twice doing work research while my system was updating and while printing. Then last night, I MAJORLY F’d up some t-shirts. I shut down the press earlier than normal. Then I decided to crochet for a break til 2 a.m. these super cute things for an order. (get the FREE pattern by Whistle & Ivy)


I’m not quite happy with the sizing. They look quite small. Only two of my fingers fit inside and after looking at a picture of the intended, there’s a slight perspective warp on her feet or she really just has bigger baby feets…I’ll be making a bigger pair as well. The pattern was easy enough to follow; my only complaint is that there weren’t any stitch counts after each round.

OOOoo!! So I went to A.C.Moore’s to get more t-shirts for the order I jacked up and found a display for Knit for Kids!!! There’s a drop off point there and I got some pretty yarn and free patterns for some goods to donate. As if I had more time to do more stuff, I am stoked to be able to donate something for kids in need. I donate a lot of stuff as it is surprisingly, just love the idea of somewhere some child is going to wear a knitwear I made with appreciation, unlike my own baby. He could care less and my oldest doesn’t keep track of any of his stuff. I have made him several hats and they have been M.I.A. for I don’t know how long.

Oh, man! I just realized that I have an hour before I leave work and I have several things to do yet!! I have this little notebook of all my projects to do plus follow up on other non-craft related things to do. So many things!! Tomorrow, I hope to check out some retail space but I don’t think that is going to be what I’m after, then drop off the shirts and then roll off to my fun weekend away. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Stay crafty, my friends!





Kicking off Summer Fun…

I love summer! Always have. I am a tropical bodied person and just get so down in the winter. I love all the wonderful summer activities and really enjoying each moment the sun is out.

We took my baby to the strawberry patch; the first time for the whole family. The patch smells ABsoLUTEly WONDERFUL. Wow…sweet, juiciness in the air. I wish it would waft over to my house. We only live a mile away!

I made some jam! I haven’t tasted it yet, but my oldest assure me with a loud YUM that it was good. I made blueberry as well, not fresh but they were buy 1 get 1 free. Made fruit salad with lots of fresh stuff. My little guy loves fruit. I even got some nectarines out when he wanted candy and I told him that fruit was nature’s candy. He didn’t agree but then proceeded to gobble it down.

We are fortunate to live near some bodies of water to cool down and my boys rode a jetski while we were at one of my husband’s co-worker’s party down at his river lot. Loads of fun! I, of course, took my WIP and finished up one boot.

Sunday, we visited my friend in the nursing home and took his dogs for awhile. I’m always sad when we leave. He is adamant he wants to go home but he is paralyzed on one side. 😦

We went home for dinner and just relaxed…I’m hoping to do some more of that this weekend! I have off the next 3 Fridays so long weekends abound in the month of July. I’m so looking forward to it!

Have a great 4th of July, US and everyone else have a great weekend!