Homemade Days is upon us

Last night one of my crafty friends came over to help me wrap soap. Nearly 100 bars of soap and the bin is FULL! I am so grateful for the help while my hubs is out of town for the last of his leadership academy for work. Tonight, I endeavor to make and bottle lotion, press a bunch of shirts with their logo on them, press my shirt with the soap logo on it AND package up the last of my Etsy orders for the week. I think I might cram a batch of lip balm in there as well since the oils came in yesterday. Just in the nick of time!

I won’t get to post tomorrow since I’ll be manning the tent in the morning and then splitting the day with the aforementioned friend. There are three of us from work doing this show and I’m super excited for all the creative company. We do several shows together and this is MY BIG ONE!

In any case, I won’t have any pics til next week. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 

Be crafty my friends. 😀

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