Lax about Relaxing

These past two weeks have blurred by. I keep saying I’m busy. And I am. But I’m busy at being busy. So life goes…

I suck at relaxing. I’m constantly on the go doing one thing after the other after on my ever ongoing to do list. There’s just so much to cram in.

In any case, this past weekend was my 7th wedding anniversary. We have started a tradition of going camping. We bought a tiny little camper last year for a few hundred bucks after realizing that a weekend in a cabin was a smidge expensive for us and being a bit older now, I am not happy about sleeping on the ground. My husband shared my lament and viola, a friend of his offered to sell us his family’s old camper.

It’s not the spiffiest and lux out there. It’s old and has some damage. But it comes with enough room to sleep my average family, storage and bonus: a mini kitchen! Yes! No bathroom, though. Which is ok considering the small space.

I like to camp. I love to be outside. My husband loves it when we disconnect completely. “Unplug” I was banned from my phone pretty much. And when I tried to take pictures, he even accused me of texting! In the middle of the mountains where service was NO WHERE! I can’t blame him. When we returned to civilization, i was promptly on my cell, going through 100s of emails.

Here’s some fun pics of the kids playing and at the beach. My little guy LOVED the beach. He’d never been to one yet he kept asking all week, “beach, please”. It’s our next trip, I think.

IMG_7049 IMG_7048 IMG_7039 IMG_7038 IMG_7053

My little guy also thinks he is a dog and loves “Scooby Snacks”.

This summer we resolve to relax more and unplug. I’m good about not worrying what needs to be done when I’m not in the thick of it. I was able to get some knitting and crocheting in, which was quite pleasant even though I managed a few wash cloths, nothing major. The whole idea of just getting some rows in was heavenly.

Til next week, I hope to post something more productive. Like the new soap that I’ll be attempting this weekend: Earth Mama and Lumberjack; my people of the summer inspired soap!

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