Almost Every Day of My Life

Seriously. I live this almost daily.

For those of you who are curious now, I’m part Filipino, Spanish and my dad is white. haha, no really, my gram is Irish, grandfather is something else I think that is quite caucasian. I’ve had a few look backs from people in school when they saw my name as Rhianna Oban (Welsh / Scottish) and I was a dark skinned girl with almond eyes. Or EVEN BETTER!! Are you adopted?

2 thoughts on “Almost Every Day of My Life

  1. LOL! That was great 🙂 The funny part is I AM adopted, but because I’m a “regular American” everyone is surprised when they find out I am 🙂 “My people” are Irish, English, Scottish, French, Norwegian and German. I guess I am what you call “European” HAHA I like to think I am a citizen of the planet Earth.

    1. I’ve had people come up to me and “ching, chang-ed” at me and then said I spoke really good English. oh, amazements hehe. I agree about being a citizen of the Earth. Such a great way of putting it.

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