Unpatiently Waiting

I applied for a job. At my husband’s company.

While this may be a terrible idea to work with a spouse, I figured why not?? They pay him well and treat their employees pretty nicely. Can’t really be any worse then where I’m at. 

Yay? Nay?

I suppose I won’t find out til there’s more development. My hubs says they are running kinda slow at the moment. 

Time will tell.

Other than that, I’ve been super busy! My Etsy shop blooms and outside orders from friends abound as well as some fun outdoor activities with the family when the weather is nice since it is Spring!!

Almost Every Day of My Life


Seriously. I live this almost daily.

For those of you who are curious now, I’m part Filipino, Spanish and my dad is white. haha, no really, my gram is Irish, grandfather is something else I think that is quite caucasian. I’ve had a few look backs from people in school when they saw my name as Rhianna Oban (Welsh / Scottish) and I was a dark skinned girl with almond eyes. Or EVEN BETTER!! Are you adopted?

I am the Queen Bee




Inspired by Pile of Babies recent post “Car-versations“, I’ve decided to post a piece of artwork my teen son drew when he was 9. It was then commemorated by some company on all kinds of promotional type items. I chose a keychain so I could always have it near. 

When I asked my son why he drew a bee, he said that he drew a picture of me because I’m the queen bee. He noted as well that he made her big because I am big, too. I also love her large stinger. I did not point out that queen bees no longer fly because if I were a queen bee for real, I would try to defy that. I’m not one for limitations.