Oh sweet Sunshine! A Blog Award :)

I surely do miss the warmth of sunshine right now with the wind chills at negative 20 and 30 degrees! I almost wish for snow instead! Almost…in any case, I’m so honored to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by KBT at Craft Create Connect. How absolutely awesome of ya! Now for the deets on this award…


1. Share 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Notify your nominees about this post.

Facts about me:

1-My name is Rhianna; not to be mistaken for the singer Rihanna. I am older and certainly not a singer.
2-I got my high school diploma from a school I never stepped foot in.
3-My children are 12 years apart in age. Not as huge a difference between my brothers of 15 and 18 years.
4-I prefer my husband have a beard although I think clean shaven men are more attractive.
5-There is no way I could be a vegetarian because of bacon.
6-I’ve always wanted to be a fiddler and even though I’ve been taking violin lessons for almost 2 years, I can only play Twinkle, Twinkle perfectly.
7-I love to dance.
8-When I was 8, my babysitter taught me to crochet. I didn’t start back up until 2 years ago.
9-My favorite channel is the Investigation Discovery Channel. I am trying to learn all I can to avoid serial killers.
10-I believe in aliens.
11-I wish I could win the lottery to buy all the  yarn I ever wanted.

Questions for me:

1) Let’s start with something important… White, Milk or Dark Chocolate? Dark chocolate all the way.

2) Coffee or Tea (or something totally different?) Chocolate Milk! 🙂

3) Where do you find your inspiration? Everywhere! I really have random thoughts about all kinds of things that inspire me.

4) Monday mornings… love em or loathe them? loathe, Loathe, LOATHE (unless one is on vacation)

5) What is it that keeps you blogging? I’m not sure…just a way to get my craftastic thoughts out and share with people who commune with me.

6) Curl up on the couch or night on the town? I have a toddler child who does not sleep. Almost every night is a curl up on the couch and pass out like we had a night out on the town.

7) Who would you say is your hero? My mother. Driven, creative, ambitious, honest and has great tenacity. All the things I want and hope to embody.

8) Best film of all time? The Breakfast Club…wistful, romantic, cheeky.

9) How would you describe yourself in 10 words or less?  Creative and adorably quirky with a touch of humorous mania.

10) Do you have a job not associated with your blog?  If so, what is it? I’m a day time graphic designer at a media agency.

11) Where else can we find and follow you? find me at Etsy at MaitriDsigns, Facebook: MaitriDesigns, Pinterest: Sweetstarry and Twitter: Sweetstarry. I also have a soap biz: Side Door Soaps & Sundry Co.

Well, that was a chock full of info to share! Hope you enjoyed my answers 🙂 Now for my nominees in no particular order:

Things I want to create before wrinkles overwhelm me
Quite All Write
Adventures of KT and the Squid
A Whole Load of Craft
Suzyn Jackson Gonzalez
I Made it!
Love, Lucie
The Little Room of Rachell
Rainbow-fingered Crafter

And some random questions for my nominees (should you choose to participate):

1. What’s your passion?
2. Are you pursuing it?
3. Fruits or veggies?
4. What inspires you?
5. Do you have a cool crafting or life tip to share?
6. How do you feel about the 7 or less items shopping lane?
7. What’s your go to dinner meal?
8. Favorite Quote?
9. What is one thing that you want to learn that you haven’t had the chance to get to yet?
10. Do you think you’ve found your purpose in life?
11. And most importantly: do you want fries with that?

LOL! I so look forward to reading everyone’s answers! 😀 Thanks again to KBT at Craft Create Connect. This took me a bit longer to post up but I’ve done it!

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