A Crafter’s Worth

We crafty people have worth! And a monetized worth at that, if you want it to be. A friend of mine tagged this bit on my Facebook wall (if you should feel so inclined to “friend” me). I am sharing it with you along with a couple other things.Image

A lot of times I get asked to make things with and without the offer of being paid. I make tons of things as gifts and just for the sheer delight of doing something nice for someone. I know how awesome it feels when I get a gift someone has made and then get compliments on it and questions of where did you get it…did you make it…how can I get one…etc. I’m sure that lots of people get the same reaction. With that, if you make something and don’t know what to charge, which seems to be a big question with sellers. I make tons of things and people buy them. Sometimes price is a whim and sometimes price is actual set. I came up with this pricing worksheet (it’s in Excel) for a more accurate way of coming up with reasonable pricing. It’s loosely based on this formula that I see floating around: Materials + Labor + Expenses + Profit = Wholesale x 2 = Retail.

I charge usually between wholesale and suggested retail price for person to person interactions so I can make a little profit. You can see in my chart that I’ve put in for a hat that has various yarns and prices. I’ve estimated the amount of yarn it takes to use for said project using the decimal system from fractional sizing. (1.00=whole item, .75= 3/4, .5=half 1/2…you get the picture right?). You put in your hourly rate, time (in minutes) and price of materials, then the rest generates the rest of the info for you. I used a rate of 1.5x for wholesale (it’s usually 2x) and another 1.5x the wholesale for retail price . It is suggested to set your retail price for 3x the total cost of your project to cover everything. I like to take into account the perceived market value of an object as well in the competitive sales area and price accordingly.

In any case, I have tons of people who always ask me to make something and rarely bat an eye at a price that I give them. I really make sure to give everything to my work and value myself highly as should all of you of yourself. I think the crafting community is invaluable and I learn all kinds of new things and constantly inspired. The kind of love and dedication that it takes to immerse yourself in the creative life is priceless.

Speaking of worth, this is my 100th post! WHOOooo hooo. I didn’t realize it til now. Thanks for reading along with me.

Pretty pretty soapies

Lavender Essential Oil Soap

Side Door Soaps & Sundry Lavender Swirl SoLavender Patchouli Essential Oil Soap



Alternative wrapping

Spent some time packaging up an order last night. We are at a soap inventory low after the holidays. It’s the perfect time to start rethinking our packaging. We started out with shrink wrapping because it keeps the soaps protected yet allows them to breathe. Not the most green way of doing things so we decided to go with recycleable paper and revamp the labeling. I’m not quite sure that I’m pleased just yet. I like pretty paper and I like the translucency of wax paper. The whole packaging process is still involved but I like doing it. I’m constantly researching packaging design and options. These are just a test run before I start packaging up for shows and stores.


New Ventures and Deep Transformations

I’ve never been the kind of person to really make New Year’s resolutions. I spend the first week of the year contemplating the previous year and my life in general and what the next year might have in hold. Then I have my birthday. (It’s Jan. 8th, if you are wondering). It tickles me that I have an early birthday because I spend 99% of the year as one age so when I say the year I was 22, it really was the year. And I being born in an even decade, my age also closely follows the year, so 2014, I’m 34. Nice and even. My OCD is pleased. 

Anyway, back to resolutions and contemplations…

This last year I had the feeling I’m on the verge of something BIG. Not sure of what. Kinda like when people feel impending doom. This isn’t a morbid feeling though.  It’s a good feeling. Justthisclose of being an epiphany. A lot of this feeling is in direct relation to work and what I like to do (not work). Although, it’s not that I don’t want to work. I just want to be doing something that is more beneficial to me and others. I feel like I’ve written about this before de ja vu…

And then I read my career raise horoscope from the DailyWorth (which is an uber cool website about finance geared for women):

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20)
You are: Disciplined and ambitious (not sure about the disciplined part but surely ambitious)

Your year ahead: Expect some huge career changes in 2014. When the planet Pluto is in a sign, there are deep transformations — Phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes kind of changes — ahead. Nordhaus-Bike says you can expect this planet in your sign all year, so a big work makeover could be around the corner. “You can eliminate what no longer serves you and create new structures and businesses that serve the highest good.”

YES! Everything about this just sings to my soul! I have some big, big plans in my head. Things that will shake up my community for some fun things, crafty things! I’m thinking about starting an artist/crafter’s guild/cooperative in my area that will have a retail location. I have an appointment for a space next week. Just to get the juices and excitement flowing. There’s a few people I’ve talked to about having one and I’ve garnered enough interest to move forward in making this happen.

So I’m posing some questions to you crafty people’s out there: have you been a part of such a thing? I’m currently selling things in a couple of stores being charged a commission price and I’m thinking that is going to be part of this business model along with some key business people to join in to cover overhead and not just rely on sales. Once, I did think about renting studio space in the local artist spaces and sharing but this would be more retail. The store is downtown where lots of cool artsy stuff is always happening. We have a First Friday that’s pretty well attended so I’m hoping to draw attention that way as well. I just want to bring people together in a crafty common interest!

Looking forward to any experience people have retail and group wise. Here’s to getting a move on something BIG!

Oh sweet Sunshine! A Blog Award :)

I surely do miss the warmth of sunshine right now with the wind chills at negative 20 and 30 degrees! I almost wish for snow instead! Almost…in any case, I’m so honored to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by KBT at Craft Create Connect. How absolutely awesome of ya! Now for the deets on this award…


1. Share 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Notify your nominees about this post.

Facts about me:

1-My name is Rhianna; not to be mistaken for the singer Rihanna. I am older and certainly not a singer.
2-I got my high school diploma from a school I never stepped foot in.
3-My children are 12 years apart in age. Not as huge a difference between my brothers of 15 and 18 years.
4-I prefer my husband have a beard although I think clean shaven men are more attractive.
5-There is no way I could be a vegetarian because of bacon.
6-I’ve always wanted to be a fiddler and even though I’ve been taking violin lessons for almost 2 years, I can only play Twinkle, Twinkle perfectly.
7-I love to dance.
8-When I was 8, my babysitter taught me to crochet. I didn’t start back up until 2 years ago.
9-My favorite channel is the Investigation Discovery Channel. I am trying to learn all I can to avoid serial killers.
10-I believe in aliens.
11-I wish I could win the lottery to buy all the  yarn I ever wanted.

Questions for me:

1) Let’s start with something important… White, Milk or Dark Chocolate? Dark chocolate all the way.

2) Coffee or Tea (or something totally different?) Chocolate Milk! 🙂

3) Where do you find your inspiration? Everywhere! I really have random thoughts about all kinds of things that inspire me.

4) Monday mornings… love em or loathe them? loathe, Loathe, LOATHE (unless one is on vacation)

5) What is it that keeps you blogging? I’m not sure…just a way to get my craftastic thoughts out and share with people who commune with me.

6) Curl up on the couch or night on the town? I have a toddler child who does not sleep. Almost every night is a curl up on the couch and pass out like we had a night out on the town.

7) Who would you say is your hero? My mother. Driven, creative, ambitious, honest and has great tenacity. All the things I want and hope to embody.

8) Best film of all time? The Breakfast Club…wistful, romantic, cheeky.

9) How would you describe yourself in 10 words or less?  Creative and adorably quirky with a touch of humorous mania.

10) Do you have a job not associated with your blog?  If so, what is it? I’m a day time graphic designer at a media agency.

11) Where else can we find and follow you? find me at Etsy at MaitriDsigns, Facebook: MaitriDesigns, Pinterest: Sweetstarry and Twitter: Sweetstarry. I also have a soap biz: Side Door Soaps & Sundry Co.

Well, that was a chock full of info to share! Hope you enjoyed my answers 🙂 Now for my nominees in no particular order:

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And some random questions for my nominees (should you choose to participate):

1. What’s your passion?
2. Are you pursuing it?
3. Fruits or veggies?
4. What inspires you?
5. Do you have a cool crafting or life tip to share?
6. How do you feel about the 7 or less items shopping lane?
7. What’s your go to dinner meal?
8. Favorite Quote?
9. What is one thing that you want to learn that you haven’t had the chance to get to yet?
10. Do you think you’ve found your purpose in life?
11. And most importantly: do you want fries with that?

LOL! I so look forward to reading everyone’s answers! 😀 Thanks again to KBT at Craft Create Connect. This took me a bit longer to post up but I’ve done it!