Up for a quick breath

After crocheting and knitting my fingers to the bone, I have completed my final paid project (I think) for this season!! Yay! With the sales from my hats and some other crafty projects, I made enough money to buy my kids’ entire Christmas! Amazing! I’m just so thankful that people ordered so many things and that my friends have been generous with sharing their love of my creations and bringing me so much business! You are awesome, friends. I love ya! I also did make quite a few things people ordered and just gifted them for the sheer love of seeing someone loving their hat!

Now, I have today to finish up 2 more hats for my brothers and 2 shirts that I’m making for my dad so I can mail them off tomorrow. What concerns me is that the postal system is a bit jammed up and I’m mailing out 2-3 priority mail to get to Arizona by tuesday! Here’s hoping!

So, here’s a round up of the completed projects for the last couple weeks.


The Minions


Bearded Beanies for twins


Bane from Dark Knight Rises





And finally, how I package my creations for delivery. I also have a little thank you tag that I put on my bags.

I hope every one has been having a productive season as well! Now I’m going back to work!


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