Tick Tock a’lockin

Not that I’m worried or anything but it’s T-22 days until Christmas. I haven’t bought anything yet. I haven’t made anything yet for my family either. I’ve been busy filling orders. Tons of orders for soap, vinyl, hats and cards.  I have 3 more craft shows to go for the year and about half dozen more hats to make in the next 2 weeks. I’m running a bit behind!

Here’s the latest hat I’ve made. I hemmed and hawed over whether I was going to knit it because sometimes knitting takes a bit but this hat worked up quite quickly. I love it. LOVE IT!


This is my oldest who kindly obliged to model it. My toddler refused! Although he loves his brother’s Minecraft hat.


Don’t mind his mess. He’s a very busy boy. In any case, he thinks this hat is great but no other!

In any case, while writing this post I just got another order for 2 bearded beanies. I’m a crafting machine!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving (those in the U.S.). We had turducken. It was amazing. I had some for lunch today. nom nom. Now, I need to get back to working my fingers to the bone! 


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