Craft Manic PANIC!

OH M GEEE! I can’t believe that November has flown by already and we are at the three week point! I’ve been so busy with projects that I’ve just overwhelmed myself. I have orders and stashbusting going on that is really, really keeping me busy in between the times of making soap and designing things and posting to my etsy shop. I really am trying to get to the point where I may eventually jump off the J.O.B. (just over broke) bandwagon and be self-sustaining.

And so here a the round up of things I’ve made in the last couple weeks:





I’m not so sure why I can’t resize my images, they are huge in this post but I suppose the better for you to see the detail.

So almost every time I’ve posted something to facebook I’ve gotten at least one order for it and some a few orders. On top of keeping up with my shop and my soap biz, I had to find a way to keep all my projects in a list. However, I didn’t just want a simple list! I’m visual and needed some room to put more details down, so I made a Project List chart thing. Here it is as a free download as well!

Hope you enjoyed my list and have a great night!



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