November Made It – VOTING is open!

Vote on these Fabulous things people made this month! I LOOOOVE all the colorful stuff!


Yeeeeeeees…. It’s VOTING time, yipeeeeeee.

Please go and show your  and support by voting for your favourite make – remember to pop back each day until the 28th November. Voting ends at midnight and the lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced the next day

There are FORTY FABULOUS entries this month so good luck, it’s not going to be easy picking out your favs – thank GOODNESS you have 10 votes a day WOOOHOOOOO

Good luck and thank you everyone who has entered x


>>>>>    The NOVEMBER Made It Challenge   <<<<<
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made it

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November Made It – A happy Jumper and a flower Cozy, topped off with some ripply stripy Blankets!

Check out all these really wonderful things! I love how colorful everything is!


Hello Lovelies ♥

We are on the brink of VOTING (yes, already), in fact if you are still thinking of entering this month, you have  another 8 hours so hurry hurry

Oh my GOODNESS, it’s………….


Welcome back Trish from Made By Patch (yes, there’s pink snow everywhere, even in Cape Town heehee),  it’s so lovely to have you back, especially that you’ve brought your delightful cup cozy with you….I LOVVVVVVE the little red buttons as flower, – so lovely and very effective. Hmmmm, this may mean that you’ve sealed your son’s fate – no girl wouldn’t want you as a mum-in-law after a gift like this!

Ooooooh, Pewter & Berries! I don’t think I’ve heard a more perfect description before, it’s exactly what the top ripply blanket looks like – so very striking too. Both of these gorgeous blankets were quickly made up by the ever-so-talented Elena…

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Please Pass the Gravy

Oh yes! I completed a drumstick turkey hat that seems to be burning up Pinterest boards and facebook walls. Don’t mind my pics. This is at my desk in the office where I take all my pics lol And I’ve written a pattern.


Now, this is the first pattern I’ve ever written and it’s only for this size. If something goes awry while you are working away, let me know. I’ve used US crochet terms and this is easy peasy!


Turkey Drumstick Crochet Beanie

Single Crochet – sc

Paton’s Shetland Chunky Yarn in Gold

White yarn

G Hook

finished size: 7” tall (not rolled up) 19” diameter

gauge: 4” 14 rows x12 sc st


R1: 8 sc in Magic Loop (at end do not join, continue to next round)

R2: 2 sc in each stitch (16)

R3: 1 sc in next stitch, 2 sc next stitch *repeat around* (24)

R4: sc in every stitch (24)

R5 & R6: Repeat R3 & R4 (36)

R7: 1 sc in next two stitches, 2 sc into next two stitches *repeat around* (48)

R8: sc in every stitch

R9: 1 sc into next three stitches, 2 sc into next stitch *repeat around* (60)

R10-17: sc in every stitch until you reach desired length

weave in ends

 My brim rolled up naturally on its own while crocheting this.


Drumsticks *make 2*

slip together after every row

sc, dc, slp

R1: 6 sc in Magic Loop, slp together

R2: 2 sc in every stitch, slp (12)

R3-R6: 1 sc, 2 sc *repeat around* (18)

R7: 3 sc, crochet two together *repeat around* (15)

R8: 3 sc, crochet two together *repeat around* (12)

R9: 3 sc, crochet two together *repeat around* (10)

R10-14: sc in every stitch

R15: join white yarn, dc, 2 dc in next stitch *repeat around* (15)

R16: sc crochet in every st

Stuff some polyfil in the drumsticks just enough to still be pliable.

bind off with a long tail, using a yarn needle weave tail through the top stitches

Tie off and weave in ends

Pin drumsticks in place and sew drumsticks on between row 10 and 14.


Craft Manic PANIC!

OH M GEEE! I can’t believe that November has flown by already and we are at the three week point! I’ve been so busy with projects that I’ve just overwhelmed myself. I have orders and stashbusting going on that is really, really keeping me busy in between the times of making soap and designing things and posting to my etsy shop. I really am trying to get to the point where I may eventually jump off the J.O.B. (just over broke) bandwagon and be self-sustaining.

And so here a the round up of things I’ve made in the last couple weeks:





I’m not so sure why I can’t resize my images, they are huge in this post but I suppose the better for you to see the detail.

So almost every time I’ve posted something to facebook I’ve gotten at least one order for it and some a few orders. On top of keeping up with my shop and my soap biz, I had to find a way to keep all my projects in a list. However, I didn’t just want a simple list! I’m visual and needed some room to put more details down, so I made a Project List chart thing. Here it is as a free download as well!

Hope you enjoyed my list and have a great night!



Crazy Busy

I’ve been swamped lately with all kinds of things. Life, crocheting, craft shows, baby…and to top it off, I think I’m sick today. I just wanted to say hello to my blog world! I’ve been trying to keep us with reading everyone’s posts and still get done what I want to get done. Sooo much to do yet. 

I can’t believe the year is about over. I’m feeling a smidge overwhelmed. I’m trying to not go all OCD and list-make but I think that’s the only way I’m going to accomplish my self-induced craftmania.