Oh Deer!

Oh Deer!

I’ve been mad busy crocheting as fast as ever because I have so many projects to get through in the next week. I almost forgot it was Halloween this week and this reindeer hat needed done for Owlie’s big sister. I finished this up at 1 a.m. this morning. My favorite part was definitely the antlers! I’m not a pattern reader but I did look over several patterns and lots of pictures to complete the set. My biggest inspiration was Simply 2 Irresistable‘s Elk Hat. She has great stuff! My friend sent me a pic of a girl deer hat that I tried close to match. I can’t find the link at the moment, but man, I love PINTEREST!

In any case, my WIP list to finish is another Whooty Whoo hat, a Dr. Who scarf, a Goomba hat, 2 Jack Skellington hats, a Noni Bubble Guppy, a turkey hat and a non-yarn project of personalized onesies. I’m hoping to be done within the next week with these lol. I’m a bit ambitious, ya?

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