Lazy, lazy me

Actually, not really. I just feel that way since I haven’t posted in a bit. I’ve been wayyyyy busy and haven’t mastered how to post on my mobile. I’ll figure it out.

This past Sunday we went to the Pennsylvania Heritage Festival in Troy, PA. It was awesome! We learned how to make logs and checked out all the old school ways things were done. Let’s just say that I’m very grateful to be a modern girl. I like to think that I do things the old-fashioned way like make soap, knit and grow my own food, but for real, it’s still more modern than what our ancestors did.

Did you know that people slept on mats stuff with corn husks on the floor!! I can’t imagine. And that boys wore dresses until 4 or 5 because of diapering? I thought that was amusing. We also talked to a chair caner. I think it’s kind of tedious weaving chair seats but the results are pretty cool. There were so many other things that went on but the baby didn’t have the patience to go through much. He did enjoy the sheep that were getting sheared and BAA’d loudly at them. We also rode the hay wagon about 6 times because he loved the horses as well.

It was a lovely day. I love doing stuff like that with the kids. I did get one picture of Van Wagner who is a musician/teacher/historian kind of guy but I won’t post that. My husband likes his music and it is all about PA. Amazing to think there’s just so much history here!

We had a good time.

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