Back to the Grind!

So I was MIA this past week due to my family being in for vacation. We had a well packed adventurous week. My mother likes to plan our activities each year wherever we are at and this year, I hosted.

I live in Central PA. There’s lots to do if you are an outdoorsy kind of person, which I sorta am. I certainly enjoy the outside beauty mostly from my window (hehe). I used to love to hike but my hubs ruined that for me (another story) and we did get a few miles in. We got out quite a bit seeing some things I hadn’t yet been to. I also got in quite a bit of crafting in making presents for my niece and nephews. I can’t wait to post the pics tomorrow of the places we visited and the newest works.

I’m just posting a quick hello and mentally preparing myself to go back to work tomorrow. This week was glorious! Too bad work ruins it lol 

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