My Craftastic Goods


Etsy (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

As I make more and more fun and fabulous craftastic stuff, I need to destash the stuff also. I love to make my baby hats but he hates to wear them so I have a growing collection of hats. I also have several that were orders that were never paid for and picked up. I’m in no need of them. Usually for gifts, I make specific items for those people. But what to do with the have-nots…

ETSY! I know there are lots of people on etsy doing all kinds of grand things. I  have two pages: one for soaps and one for my design stuff. However, I’m not going to make a third page so I decided to tab my design page for Craftmanic Mommy. If by chance you see something you must buy (I can only hope) head on over to my etsy. You’ll see a random collection of things that I sell and if you go to my website you can check out a wider range of things I’ve done.

I do a lot of bartering for things also. I have a friend who loves the soap and I love his coffee. It’s a fabulous trade! I also have traded design services for haircuts, things I need for my family and things I just plain want. While I’m thinking of it, my favorite site of all for barter is Swapmamas! It’s an all about mamas swapping site. Fabulous!

5 thoughts on “My Craftastic Goods

  1. salpal1 says:

    Another option, if you need to get rid of things that aren’t selling is donating hats to charity. There are lots of them out there that could use them! if you want more info on that, please let me know, I can give you a few places who would use them and love them (and it is a tax deduction, if you itemize your return)

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