A Warm Spot

My baby likes to sleep with me on the couch and he snuggles and spoons with me (more often, he actually sleeps on my head like a cat). I rolled over and thought that he had also and I had a delightful little warm spot on curled up on my back.

Or so I thought the spot was the baby. I rolled over some time later to a wet spot.

He peed on me. Through his diaper.


I wish that he would sleep on his own. It’s a struggle. We’ve Ferberized him and he prevailed for two weeks of crying two hours each night in his crib. Then he learned he could climb out of his crib and any nights of peaceful slumber in the near future were darkened. Even after much research and methods, I’ve resigned myself to letting him sleep with us. I can’t go on being sleep deprived.

I’ve found this funny blog post by another mom about her research on baby sleep from experts. Makes you wonder how any parent is getting any sleep.

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