Late Nights to myself

I love when everyone is sleeping. I can think without interruption and get some mad craftin’ on! I’ve been particularly busy the last couple weeks trying to prepare the soap business for a craft show this weekend. I’m not quite prepared yet. There have been a few hitches. I didn’t check the size of the one product I’m labeling and the labels are way too big. I ruined a sheet of labels tonight because in my infinite wisdom I decided not to run a test print. I think I may never get spray adhesive off my glass dining room table even though I laid newspaper down. The 3M people really know their glue! I’m hoping vinegar or something is going to help that. And I still have more labeling to do. I’ll continue tomorrow night.

I’m quite excited for this show because I’ve given the packaging a facelift and introducing some new stuff. There’s the new perfume oil debuting in Lavender Patch, a very popular scent in soap and lotion. I’m not fond of licorice but I got some anise in for a new soap awhile back and now have Licorice lip balm. My little toddler terror seems to really like the licorice because he’s constantly sniffing the soap. I’m thinking his next lip balm will be the new stuff also. The other day I think he ate a tube of chocolate lip balm. He loves his lip balm. Thankfully, it’s all natural edible ingredients!

I’m still working on marketing materials other than the small informational brochure. If I get to it tomorrow, on my list is making vinyl decals. That’s a small start. I have a t-shirt design, I just need to get shirts and get a screen around to print. Keeping up with soap and lotion production is time intensive so getting to this other stuff just keeps getting pushed back; 

That’s okay though, I get the chance to have these wonderful late nights to myself. Craft on, mama. Craft on!


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