A Warm Spot

My baby likes to sleep with me on the couch and he snuggles and spoons with me (more often, he actually sleeps on my head like a cat). I rolled over and thought that he had also and I had a delightful little warm spot on curled up on my back.

Or so I thought the spot was the baby. I rolled over some time later to a wet spot.

He peed on me. Through his diaper.


I wish that he would sleep on his own. It’s a struggle. We’ve Ferberized him and he prevailed for two weeks of crying two hours each night in his crib. Then he learned he could climb out of his crib and any nights of peaceful slumber in the near future were darkened. Even after much research and methods, I’ve resigned myself to letting him sleep with us. I can’t go on being sleep deprived.

I’ve found this funny blog post by another mom about her research on baby sleep from experts. Makes you wonder how any parent is getting any sleep.

Knitting Sadness!

The baby has lost one of my favorite needles. They are my beautiful and glorious Rainbow Harmony Woods. Where oh where could it be???

AND to top it off, the tips of my second favorite set of needles, the Clover bamboo, are split and need some refurbishing. How am I going to get any knitting done! Ugh!

I did bring out a set of metals and I just can’t stand the clicky sound they make.  Knitting will be on a small hold. 😦

Late Nights to myself

I love when everyone is sleeping. I can think without interruption and get some mad craftin’ on! I’ve been particularly busy the last couple weeks trying to prepare the soap business for a craft show this weekend. I’m not quite prepared yet. There have been a few hitches. I didn’t check the size of the one product I’m labeling and the labels are way too big. I ruined a sheet of labels tonight because in my infinite wisdom I decided not to run a test print. I think I may never get spray adhesive off my glass dining room table even though I laid newspaper down. The 3M people really know their glue! I’m hoping vinegar or something is going to help that. And I still have more labeling to do. I’ll continue tomorrow night.

I’m quite excited for this show because I’ve given the packaging a facelift and introducing some new stuff. There’s the new perfume oil debuting in Lavender Patch, a very popular scent in soap and lotion. I’m not fond of licorice but I got some anise in for a new soap awhile back and now have Licorice lip balm. My little toddler terror seems to really like the licorice because he’s constantly sniffing the soap. I’m thinking his next lip balm will be the new stuff also. The other day I think he ate a tube of chocolate lip balm. He loves his lip balm. Thankfully, it’s all natural edible ingredients!

I’m still working on marketing materials other than the small informational brochure. If I get to it tomorrow, on my list is making vinyl decals. That’s a small start. I have a t-shirt design, I just need to get shirts and get a screen around to print. Keeping up with soap and lotion production is time intensive so getting to this other stuff just keeps getting pushed back; 

That’s okay though, I get the chance to have these wonderful late nights to myself. Craft on, mama. Craft on!


At Peace…

At Peace

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

Lao Tzu

Keep on Moving

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down




I’ve got to keep on moving.


Especially if one has food poisoning. And that, my friends, will not only keep you moving to the bathroom as no food gets held down. I learned that this past weekend after dining on some yummy steak and scallops.  I could have lived the rest of my life without that particular food experience. I love food yet at the time I could have wished I never eat again.


I also was so ill I couldn’t even knit. Sadness…


I rarely get sick thankfully. When I do, in my household the world has ended.  That’s what it sounds like when my boys are left to their own devices. Dishes in my kitchen sound like they are constantly crashing. Dinner burned. The baby is crying for his bottle. I know that other mothers experience this however my family has only on two other occasions that I know of. I’m very grateful for my hardy genes that ward off the sickies.


When I wasn’t sleeping during my day off, I was plotting on how could I continue not to get up. As in, not go to my day job. This has been a constant thought of mine. What can I do to make money and not go to work. Of course this is another thought other moms (along with the rest of the gainfully employed) probably think. I’ve been working at this. Seems like I’m working harder at trying to staying home and working even harder!

I joined a freelance community and the little projects I’ve submitted keep getting shot down. I’m feeling a bit discourage! I keep plugging on though. Keep hoping.

I keep thinking can’t nobody hold me down.